Direct Messages

Quick QR Art users can work one-on-one with the Pixel ML Bot in their Discord Direct Messages.

Images made within your direct messages are still be subject to content and moderation rules and will be visible on your QuickQR.Art website gallery.

How to Message the Bot

  • Click on the Quick QR Art Bot from the Member List (or anywhere you see the Quick QR Art Bot's name)

  • Click on Send Message

  • Send any message to the Quick QR Art Bot.

  • This will begin your Direct Message conversation with the Quick QR Art Bot.


If you don’t see messages from the Bot, adjust your privacy settings:

Discord Desktop

  • Right-click the Quick QR Art server icon

  • Select More Options

  • Toggle "Allow direct messages from server members." on

Discord Mobile

  • Long-press the Quick QR Art server icon

  • Select Privacy Settings

  • Scroll down to the "Allow direct messages from server members" toggle.


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