Parameter List

Parameters are options added to a prompt that change how QR Art generates (e.g: change an image's Presets and much more).


Parameters are always added to the end of a prompt. You can add multiple parameters to each prompt.

  1. QR Weight (--qrw):

    • This parameter determines how much emphasis the final image will place on your QR code.

    • The default value is 0.8, but you can adjust it between 0 and 3. However, from our experiments QR Art has good range from 0.7 - 0.9 (try increase/decrease 0.05 each time until you can find the balance).

    • Higher values will make the QR code more prominent in the generated image.

  2. Balance Steps (--steps):

    • The balance steps parameter determines the number of times the image is sampled during the generation process.

    • More steps can result in more artistic outputs, but it may also reduce the scannability of the QR code.

    • The default value is 16, and you can set it between 10 and 20.

  3. Seed (--seed):

    • The Quick QR Art Bot uses a seed number to create a field of visual noise, similar to television static, as a starting point for generating the initial image grids.

    • Seed numbers are randomly generated for each image, but you can specify a specific seed number using the --seed parameter.

    • Using the same seed number and prompt will produce similar final images.

    • You can set the seed parameter to an integer between 0 and 4,294,967,295.

  4. Presets (--presets):

    • Predefined art styles have been curated by our Quick QR Art artists to provide a variety of creative options.

    • The presets are case-sensitive, so make sure to enter the correct name.

    • If you omit the presets parameter or provide an incorrect name, the AI will use the prompt only without adding any further artistic layers.

    • You can find the full list of available presets for reference.

  5. Negative (--no)

    • --no cars would try to remove cars from the image.

Another details example: --no (low quality, worst quality:1.4) anime style would tell AI try not to include anime style or low quality blurry image, for the (low quality, worst quality: 1.4) then this will tell the bot to pay 140% attention NOT to include these in the generated image.

So the prompt will be like this in the below image.


  • In the case of general Art, this parameter represents the URL of the asset you want to incorporate into the image.

  • When generating QR Art, you need to provide the URL of your QR code in this field.

Remember, the QR Art feature is designed to let your creativity shine. Experiment with different parameters, presets, and prompts to create unique and captivating QR Art pieces. Enjoy the process and have fun exploring the possibilities!

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