--qrratio (QR Ratio)

The QR Ratio parameter (--qrratio) is a fundamental feature that allows users to control the size of the QR code module within the generated QR Art image, providing a harmonious balance between design

1. Purpose:

The purpose of the --qrratio parameter is to offer users the capability to define the QR code module size relative to the overall dimensions of the QR Art canvas. This ensures that QR codes remain scannable while integrating seamlessly into artistic designs.

2. Usage:

The --qrratio parameter is employed during QR Art generation. By specifying the QR ratio value, users can determine the proportion of the QR code module size concerning the width and height of the QR Art canvas.

3. Syntax:

The syntax for using the --qrratio parameter in QR Art generation is as follows:


4. List QR Ratio:

By default, QR ratio is 1.0 (--qrratio 1.0). Range (0.8-1.0)

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