Affiliate program 💵

Join our affiliate program and receive a 30% commission on all payments within the first 12 months for paying customers you refer to us!

Monthly payout via PayPal. No minimum payout.

You can earn $1,080 every month

The calculation is based on monthly price


Pixel ML Essentials Super Early Bird ($9/mo)



Pixel ML Essentials RRP ($29/mo) - coming soon



Pixel ML Team plan ($49/mo) - coming soon



Pixel ML Enterprise plan ($99/mo) - coming soon




Step one - Sign up our program

Go ahead to sign up our affiliate program first and get your unique referral link.

Share your referral link with your audience, in the video description, a tweet or a link in your newsletter.

You can track the visitors, leads and conversions in realtime (powered by

Step three - Get paid

We'll send you commission via PayPal at the end of every month. No minimum payout.

Affiliate terms

There are a few rules about our affiliate program you should know about. No “gotchas” here, just some terms to keep everyone happy.

  • Self-referrals are not allowed (i.e. signing up for Quick QR Art through your own affiliate link)

  • Abuse, gaming, or attempting to mislead (i.e. posting fake discounts to coupon-sharing websites) will result in your account being permanently banned.

  • In some cases, we can give credit to an affiliate even if the customer didn’t sign up through an affiliate link or coupon code. If you have a case like this, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

  • No search engine ads (especially on branded terms or domain names), Facebook ads or other ads that would compete with our own marketing and cause potential confusion for customers.

  • No Facebook ads that link to our website or anything similar that would compete with our own paid marketing and drive up our costs and potentially cause confusion.

  • No pretending to be acting on behalf of us (ie. as an employee).

  • We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service for our affiliate program at any time.


Why promote us?

Affiliate partnerships are one of the simplest yet most profitable ways to make money online. You send customers our way, and we'll pay you for it.

How do I make money as an affiliate?

All you have to do is recommend us using your affiliate link on your website, blog, and social media. We track your clicks and transactions so you can get paid.

How much can I earn?

You can earn 30% commission on all payments within the first 12 months for paying customers you refer to us. There's no limit to how much you can make by promoting us.

What are the payout minimums?

We require no minimum balance for processing an affiliate payout.

When do I get paid?

We payout on NET30 terms to account for refunds and chargebacks. For example, commissions generated in January would be paid out on March 15th (NET30).

How do I sign up?

Join our affiliate program to earn a 30% commission up to 12 months!

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