Enhanced Performance and Diversity in Image Style Creation

Quick QR Art continually upgrades model versions to optimize performance, improve coherence, and quality. For now, the default choice is version 5s. Version can be selected using --version or --v parameters, or through /settings command. Each model is adept at creating different image styles. Each model has its unique strengths in creating varied image types.

  • --v accepts the values 1, 1.1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4, 4niji, 4real, 4dream, v5 and v5s

  • --v can be abbreviated --version

  • --v 5s is the current default model for Text-to-QR Code Art.

Model version 5s

The QR Art V5s model is the newest and most advanced, released Nov 13 2023. Available in the Discord Bot & Web via command /quickqrart, /qrart, /generate. Select a qrpattern to use. 🎨🚀

The model enhancing Quality, Scannability, and Aesthetic Appeal of your QR Art

  • v1: Original Version (Jun 14) - Showcased excellent artistic quality, but we recognized the need for improved scannability. Recommend --qrw 0.95.

  • v1.1: Scannable Optimized - We have optimized V1 to enhance its scannability while maintaining its outstanding artistic quality. Recommend --qrw 0.95.

  • v2: Realistic and Enhanced Scannability (Jun 30) - Introduced a realistic and visually appealing style with improved scannability. Recommend --qrw 0.8.

  • v3a: Artistic Advancement - Takes the artistic expression to the next level with even more advancements and striking visuals. Recommend --qrw 1.2.

  • v3b: Artistic Fusion - Focuses on seamlessly blending QR codes with images, offering visually stunning compositions. Please note that scannability may require post-processing. Recommend --qrw 1.5 and above.

  • v4: Artistic Evolution - the latest leap in artistic quality and scannability. 🎨🚀

  • v4dream : V4 QRArt with focus more on hyperrealistic style

  • v4niji: V4 QRArt with focus more on anime and 2d art

  • v4real: V4 QRArt with focus more on photo realistic images

  • v4s: V4s QRArt with optimized speed

  • v5: V5 QRArt latest advancement which support HD, FHD, UHD

  • v5s: V5s is SOTA QRArt model which support HD, FHD, UHD


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How to Switch Models

Use the Version or Test Parameter

Add --v <version> to the end of your prompt.

Choose Version in Command Options

Use the Settings Command

Type /settings and select your preferred version from the menu.

Use Presets

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