Any purpose QR Code Arts

Guide to create QR Code Art for any purpose. E.g: Link, Text, Email, Phone, SMS, WhatsApps, Skype, Zoom, Wi-Fi, WeChat, Bank Account, etc.

Default support via /quickqrart

/quickqrart provide the ability to generate 5 types: Link, Text, Email, Phone, SMS. Just type your destination to the field qr_content like below.





Other Special Purposes

Step 1

Generate your QR code with or any website.

Step 2

Read the content from QR code in

Please note that at first loading the app need 60s background loading to make it scan correctly so give it time before you upload QR code (we are optimizing this).

You will receive example like above. Click Copy

Step 3

Go to Quick QR Art Discord Server.

Type /quickqrart and choose TEXT, then paste your content above to qr_content field. Please note that the longer the text is it's harder to scan. So advise to stay below 25 characters.


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