Instructions for adjusting the blending level in Quick QR Art using the --blend parameter, allowing users to control the integration of the base image with the QR code and artistic elements.

--blend: This parameter allows you to adjust the level of blending applied to the base image. Specify a value between 0 and 1, with up to three decimal places of precision.

For instance, --blend 0.050 sets the blending level to 5%, determining how much the base image is blended to make room for the QR code and artistic elements.

Experiment with different shape values to achieve the desired level of fidelity and artistic expression in your QR Art. Whether you want to emphasize the shape of a face, an object, or create abstract designs, adjusting the shape value allows for greater control over the final outcome.


Base Image

--blend = 0.05 (default)

snow --iw (1,1,0:100) --qrw (0.8,0.9) --blend 0.05 --seed 7376596062157470

--blend = 0.1

snow --iw (1,1,0:100) --qrw (0.8,0.9) --blend 0.1 --steps 16 --seed 7376596062157470

--blend = 0.5

snow --iw (1,1,0:100) --qrw (0.8,0.9) --blend 0.5 --steps 16 --seed 7376596062157470

--blend = 1

snow --iw (1,1,0:100) --qrw (0.8,0.9) --blend 1 --steps 16 --seed 7376596062157470


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