--pos (QR postion)

The QR Position parameter (--pos) is a key feature that allows users to precisely control the placement of the QR code within the generated QR Art image.


1. Purpose:

The purpose of the --pos parameter is to provide users with the ability to position the QR code within the QR Art canvas. This enables users to align the QR code with other design elements, create visually appealing compositions, and cater to various design and communication requirements.

2. Usage:

The --pos parameter is utilized when generating QR Art. By specifying the position, users can determine where the QR code will be placed within the image canvas, allowing for flexible integration into larger design projects.

3. Syntax:

The syntax for using the --pos parameter in QR Art generation is as follows:


4. List Postion:

By default, QR postion is center (--pos center)

5. --pos (x,y) for Advanced User

You can customize the position of QR with 2 parameters x, y:

  • x: the horizontal ratio from top-left corner to the QR Code

  • y: the vertical ratio from the top-left corner to the QR code


--pos (0.05, 0.3) --qrratio 0.6

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