Command List

To interact with the Quick QR Art Bot on Discord, simply type a command. Commands are designed to create QR Art, modify default settings, track user information, and perform various other useful tasks

You can utilize Quick QR Art commands in any Bot Channel, on private Discord servers where the Quick QR Art Bot has been granted permission to operate, or in a direct message conversation with the Quick QR Art Bot.


Easily blend any image with a QR code to create QR Art. Combine the visual appeal of an image with the functionality of a QR code to create unique and captivating QR Art compositions.


View information about your account, including details about any queued or running jobs. Stay informed about the status of your tasks and gain insights into your account activity.


Generate QR code Art by providing a text prompt along with the URL of the QR Code file. Quickly transform your ideas and messages into visually appealing QR code Art using customizable text prompts.


Generate QR code Art by providing a text prompt optimized for mobile devices. Create visually striking QR code Art specifically designed to enhance the user experience on mobile platforms.


Generate a personal link for your account page. Stay connected and access personalized information and updates related to your Quick QR Art account.

These commands empower you to explore various functionalities of Quick QR Art, from blending images with QR codes to accessing account information and generating unique QR code Art based on your preferences.

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