Improve the readability of the QR Code Art

At Quick QR Art, we are constantly working on enhancing the readability of QR Code Art. While there is no definitive solution for creating 100% scannable QR Code Art yet, we have some suggestions to improve its scannability:

  1. Prepare a good Classic QR Code at size 768 x 768:

    • Ensure that the QR Code itself is well-designed and properly formatted.

  2. Use H level Error correction rate:

    • Select the H level error correction rate to enhance error correction capabilities.

  3. Shorten your URL:

    • Keep your URL under 25 characters to minimize the density of the QR Code, making it easier to scan.

  4. Parameters tuning:

    • Familiarize yourself with the parameters list and set appropriate defaults for your users.

    • Adjust the --qrw tuning parameter incrementally towards 3 for better readability. Experiment with small increments like 0.05.

    • Increase the --steps parameter to 20 for improved artistic quality based on the prompt. If the QR code becomes less readable, try reducing --steps while increasing --qrw.

    • Short prompt work bests.

  5. Utilize --no parameter:

    • Use the --no flag to specify what elements the AI should avoid including in the generated art.

Please note that these suggestions aim to enhance the scannability of QR Code Art, but results may vary depending on the input from users. We are continuously working on improving the readability of QR Code Art and will release updates over time.

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