Anti-Spam Policy

At Pixel ML, Inc., we are committed to maintaining a high standard of ethical marketing practices and respect the rights and privacy of individuals. We strictly prohibit the use of unsolicited messages to advertise our websites, including,, and Quick QR Art. This Anti-Spam Policy outlines our guidelines and expectations regarding email campaigns and outreach activities.

  1. Consent and Opt-in We believe in permission-based marketing. We will only send marketing communications to individuals who have explicitly provided their consent or opted in to receive such messages. We respect the preferences of our customers and ensure that their privacy choices are honored.

  2. Prohibited Activities The following activities are strictly prohibited:

a. Sending unsolicited emails: We do not engage in any form of unsolicited email campaigns to promote our websites. All marketing communications are sent to individuals who have expressed interest or explicitly consented to receive them.

b. Purchasing or renting email lists: We do not acquire email lists from third-party sources for marketing purposes. We believe in building our own audience organically and maintaining direct communication with our customers.

c. Spamming and bulk messaging: We do not engage in the practice of spamming or sending bulk messages without the recipients' consent. Each communication is personalized and tailored to the specific interests of the individual.

d. False or misleading information: We ensure that our marketing messages provide accurate and honest information about our websites and products. Misleading or deceptive content is strictly prohibited.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations governing email marketing practices, including but not limited to the CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR regulations. Our marketing activities are conducted in full compliance with these legal requirements.

  2. Unsubscribe Mechanism We provide a clear and easy-to-use unsubscribe mechanism in all marketing communications. Individuals who no longer wish to receive promotional messages from us can opt out at any time. Once unsubscribed, their email addresses are promptly removed from our marketing lists.

  3. Regular Review and Compliance We regularly review our marketing practices and policies to ensure ongoing compliance with this Anti-Spam Policy and applicable laws. We maintain a robust system to monitor and respond to any reports or complaints regarding unsolicited messages.

Violation of this Anti-Spam Policy may result in immediate termination of services and legal action, as deemed appropriate.

If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to report any instances of unsolicited messages related to our websites, please contact us at [email protected].

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