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Quick Start

AI-generated QR codes Art in seconds with Quick QR Art - User guides
Learn how to use the Quick QR Art Website, Mobile Apps and Bot on Discord to create QR Code Art from simple text prompts.
Code of Conduct
Don't use our tools to make images that could inflame, upset, or cause drama. That includes gore and adult content. Be respectful to other people and the team.
AI QR Code Art generated by QuickQR.Art platform

Website quickqr.art to generate from TEXT or from IMAGE

From Text

You can Generate AI QR Code Art from your text prompt
  1. 2.
    Enter your QR code content
  2. 3.
    Type your prompt or choose from Templates. You can also click on Magic Prompt to optimize.
  3. 4.
    Click Generate, after 20 seconds you should have your QR Code Art
AI QR Code Art From Text Prompt

From Image (aka Blend)

Or you can generate from a image that you already have:
  • Go to tab From Image
  • Enter your QR code content
  • Upload an image to be as background.
  • Click Generate, after 20 seconds you should have your QR Code Art
Blend AI QR Code Art generated by QuickQR.Art platform

Mobile App

Quick QR Art iOS App
Quick QR Art Android App

Discord Bot

1: Log In To Your Discord Account

You can access the Quick QR Art Bot anywhere you use Discord, through the web, your phone, or the desktop apps.
Before joining the Quick QR Art Discord server, you must have a verified Discord account. Learn how to create your account or Learn how to verify your account.

2: Go to Discord and Add the Quick QR Art Server

To join or create a server, press the + at the bottom of the server list on the left-hand sidebar. Press the Join a Server button and paste or type https://discord.gg/quickqrart

3: Go to any #Pixel ML Bot channel

On the Quick QR Art Official Server

Join the Quick QR Art Discord Server!
Join Quick QR Art Discord Server
Select pixelml-botchannel visible in the left sidebar.

On Other Servers

You can generate images with the Quick QR Art Bot on any Discord server that has invited the Quick QR Art Bot. Look for instructions on your server on where to use the Bot.
Respect the Community Guidelines. Community guidelines apply wherever the Quick QR Art Bot is used.

4: 🎨 Create Scannable QR Art: Steps-by-Steps! 📲

3-Steps to generate your First QR Art

  • 1️⃣ Generate a classic QR code at https://quickqr.art/ and download it to your device. 📥
  • 2️⃣ Use the /qrart, /blend, or /generate command in any where the Quick QR Art bot 🤖 available to create your masterpiece. Upload your QR code and type anything to personalize your creation! ✍️
  • 3️⃣ Test the scannability of your QR Art by scanning it with your phone. 📷
🔍 Scan away and enjoy the magic of your scannable QR Art!
❓ If your QR Art is not readable, here's what you can do:
Default to AI V2. Switch to V1 with --v 1 or use /settings.

Understand Commands, AI Version and Presets

About Discord Commands
Interact with the Quick QR Art Bot on Discord using a Command. Commands are used to create images, change default settings, monitor user info, and perform other helpful tasks.
  • /generate: Generate QR code Art by providing a text prompt along with the URL of the QR Code file.
  • /qrart: Generate QR code Art optimized for mobile devices.
  • /blend: Easily blend any image with a QR code to create QR Art. Combine the visual appeal of an image with the functionality of a QR code to create unique and captivating QR Art compositions. Learn more here.
  • /info: View information about your account, including details about your credits balance.
  • /subscribe: Generate a personal link for your account page.
  • /settings: Customize your default settings. Learn more here.
About QRArt AI Model Versions
Quick QR Art continually upgrades model versions to optimize performance, improve coherence, and quality. For now, the default choice is version 2. Version can be selected using --version or --v parameters, or through /settings command. Each model is adept at creating different image styles. Each model has its unique strengths in creating varied image types. Learn more here.
About Presets
Presets List
Quick QR Art
Copy Prompt from Presets list
How to use preset
🌸 Unlock QR Art Magic with Presets! 🎨✨
  • 1️⃣ Select the QR code from your device 📷
  • 2️⃣ Choose the ultra-realism preset from the dropdown list 🌟
  • 3️⃣ Enter any keywords in the prompt, e.g., "flower shop" 🌼
🔮 Let the enchantment begin as Quick QR Art brings your creation to life! 🪄💫

4.1: Use the /qrart Command

  • Fusion Art https://imgur.com/gallery/HnU8aRf
  • Text Art AI https://imgur.com/gallery/PKCd4WM
  • QR Art https://app.guidde.com/share/playbooks/7CZwnmWXv8wKQQRRLM3c96?origin=LyX3ESjrhkRnKyyO9SBB1Mqnjus2
  • Quick QR Art https://app.guidde.com/share/playbooks/k9RT4TC4PT5VoPsTsD6VyQ?origin=LyX3ESjrhkRnKyyO9SBB1Mqnjus2

4.2: Use the /blend Command

4.3. Use the /generate Command

Full Steps by Steps Guide here

Step 1: Prepare your classic QR code

  • Go to QuickQR.Art to generate a classic QR code and download to your device (can be anything from Link, Text, Email, etc). Make sure you have your cookies enabled.
Video about generating Classic QR Code
  • Go to #paste-binto get a link to your QR code and paste it else where to reuse.
Video about getting URL for QR Code

Step 2: Using /generate to generate QR Art

  1. 1.
    Type /generate prompt: or select the /generate command from the slash commands pop-up.
  2. 2.
    Type a description of the image you want to create in the prompt field. Or simply copy from some bot's QR Art response that you like (try scan them with your phone first).
  3. 3.
    Paste the URL of your QR code (from step 1) to url field
  4. 4.
    Send your message. Sit back and relax!
Video about Generate QR Art from text with Quick QR Art
Step 3: Scan with your phone to check
  1. 1.
    Scan it with your phone to check the scannability.
  2. 2.
    If the QR Art doesn't scan, try to create again with different params --qrw --steps `--seed` check Parameters list for more details.
Sometime it takes more than few tries until you get it right. AI can't do the balancing, it's our job as the artists/creators to create these QR Art.
Our Quick QR Art Bot is your co-pilot on this journey, sometimes he might do something unpredictable, please help drive him back to the right direction 🤗
Video about using camera to verify the scannability of the QR Art

Prompting Tip!

The Quick QR Art Bot works best with simple, short sentences that describe what you want to see. Avoid long lists of requests.

5: Accept the Terms Of Service

The Quick QR Art Bot will generate a pop-up asking you to accept the Terms of Service. You must agree to the Terms of Service before any image will be generated.

6: Processes the Job

The Quick QR Art Bot takes about 20s to generate one QR Art.

Quick QR Art uses powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to interpret and process each prompt. Therefore we will apply some measurements and priority queue generation for Pro users. Details in Subscription plans.

7: Save Your QR Art

Click on the image to open it to full size, and then right-click and choose Save image. On mobile, long-tap the image and then tap the download icon in the top right corner.